When are your worship times?

Sunday Morning
9:30 am Bible Classes
10:45 am Worship/Message

What’s unique about your church?
Our facility has been used by Union Public Schools for ESL and GED classes. Firemen from Station 27 have taken Spanish classes here. A large daycare rents space from us. We have a great program for children called Garnett Bilingual Preschool where children learn both English and Spanish. Several different denominations of churches meet in this space throughout the week. We are called to be the hands and feet and face of Jesus in the world, and we want to mix it up with our culture around us and be what Jesus calls us to be: a light in a dark world.

Will I “fit in” at Garnett?
Garnett is a diverse church. We’re racially mixed & economically mixed. We intentionally encourage our students to get to know older people. Our chaperone ratio for student events is high. We encourage singles or divorced people to mix with strong married couples. We encourage mini-van drivers to be in small groups with Harley riders. Will you fit in? Yes, you’ll find people who will meet you where you are and love you for who you are and challenge you to be who God wants you to be. Will you fit in? If you’re looking for a place with people exactly like you, no, you won’t fit in. God made us all different that we might learn from each other. Come and we’ll learn from each other how to be like Jesus.

What is your mission?
Our mission is to invite all people into a Christ centered life.

Can you help me be a better disciple or follower of Jesus?
Yes. We want to be a church that trains leaders and through that plants new communities of followers in our city and worldwide. We do not believe only in “getting you plugged in” or “involved” in church work or programs or ministries. We believe in helping you become a disciple in your family, your neighborhood, your school, your work, as you coach, lead the PTA, or a thousand other ways you live. Jesus wants us to be his disciples 24/7, and we’re here to help equip each other to understand how to do that.